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Weddings with Food Allergies

Over the last eight years or so, I’ve attended countless weddings. What has truly surprised me during this time is the number of them where I have been able to eat successfully. Sometimes it’s depended on which friends were getting married, other times it has depended on how the event […]

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Top Five Takeaways from Traveling to Italy with Food Allergies

I lived in Italy for three years and consider it my European home. Returning after five was the reunion that I had been missing. I hadn’t made visiting a priority, since I enjoy exploring new places. However, with my return I was jolted back into amore with this country, remembering […]

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Food Allergy “Silver Linings” on #EmpowerFAkids This Month

As a child, I was never told, “no you can’t because of your food allergies,” but instead, “okay, let’s find a way to make it happen.” My parents always looked at every experience as an opportunity for me to grow stronger, more assertive, and independent. They both have these amazingly […]