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How to Navigate the Allergist Independently

Transitioning from childhood allergist appointments with parents to independently navigating the allergist is a significant change for us allergy kids, turned adults. Whether going to appointments alone for the first time or trying a new allergist, there are a number of considerations to make beforehand. So, how do you learn […]

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Weddings with Food Allergies

Over the last eight years or so, I’ve attended countless weddings. What has truly surprised me during this time is the number of them where I have been able to eat successfully. Sometimes it’s depended on which friends were getting married, other times it has depended on how the event […]

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Traveling to Philadelphia with Food Allergies

I explored Philadelphia with food allergies for my friend’s bachelorette last month. We spent the weekend eating and celebrating our way all over the city. I flew into Philly from Boston on Friday after school. Since it was an end-of-day flight, I made sure to ask to pre-board.  American Airlines […]