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Empower, Connect, and Reinvigorate- The FABlog Conference

Empower, connect, and reinvigorate. Just a few words that describe the Food Allergy Bloggers Conference. This was my second year attending. Having enjoyed last year, I was compelled to return this year to see my food allergy family! Empower. When an entire community comes together to learn, educate, and build on […]

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Top Five Takeaways from Traveling to Italy with Food Allergies

I lived in Italy for three years and consider it my European home. Returning after five was the reunion that I had been missing. I hadn’t made visiting a priority, since I enjoy exploring new places. However, with my return I was jolted back into amore with this country, remembering […]

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A Newly Discovered Silver Lining While Traveling with Allie to Iceland- A Guest Post by My Mom

A time for both gratitude and personal reflection…I was traveling to Iceland with my daughter during school vacation. Allie is a seasoned traveler. She’s also my adult child with multiple anaphylactic allergies and asthma. She’s been self-reliant from an early age. Not only has she traveled near and far; she […]