Missing Out

No Food Allergies In My Dreams

The other night I had a dream that I was able to eat tree nuts without an anaphylactic reaction.  It was the strangest allergy dream that I have had!  Usually, when I have a dream I still always have my same allergies. This was the first time where I was […]

Concerns, Jobs, Understanding

On the Job with Food Allergies

Teacher vs. Teacher “What are you allergic to again and what happens if you have something you are allergic to?” I heard the science teacher calling over to me as I was grabbing something out of my classroom, with all of my students sitting around her on the rug. “Don’t […]

Tip Posts

Food Allergy Lifestyle Tips

Over the years with many travels and new experiences, I have learned some tips that might help other Allergic Reactors and their families: ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS carry your Epi-Pen!  It is important to carry multiple ones, too!  I carry at least two, and if I am traveling or in a […]